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Your Home Teacher For Music

Riyaz Sargam is a unique tool on ICM (Indian Classical Music) which provides musical exercise to beginners, professional singers, and professional artists of various orchestra and musical groups, who do not get time to do Riyaz due to their heavy schedule.

Just exercise in your scale, for 10 to 15 minutes, prior to your public performance to achieve best results like,

improvisation of tuning
strength and clarity of voice
Thus increasing comfort and confidence in singing.

Twenty such Alankars are given for practice. They are all quite useful and suffice as a basic course.

Each Alankar is given with Swar, Aakar and Harmonium. In each option, each Alankar is given in minimum of 3 Layakari (Tempos). The selected Alankar is also displayed on screen, so there is no need of book and no need of any instrument either. Alankars are given in major standard scales.

Scales : C# (Kali 1), D# (Kali 2), G#(Kali 4), A# (Kali 5), and A (Saphed 6)

The tool is very simple to operate, easy to understand and also to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Riyaz Sargam?
    Ans: Riyaz Sargam is a computer based CD which provides 20 basic musical exercises (shuddha alankars) of ICM (Indian Classical Music).
  • What is alankar?
    Ans: Alankar means various combinations of swars (i.e basic notes of ICM-sa,re,ga,ma,pa,dha,ni) designed under specific rules with a definite order and sequence. Exercising alankars is the very first step in the learning process of ICM either of north Indian music or south or carnatic classical music.
  • Who can use CD Riyaz Sargam?
    Ans: Any 'FAN' of ICM, from childhood to old age group, can use it. It's very simple tool to understand, to follow and to exercise.
  • As a hobby, can I use this CD?
    Ans: Yes, you can!... Anybody can!

Pratamesh practice on riyaz sargam2.68 MB
Komal Kulkarni practicing alankar on HARMONIUM option1.31 MB
Komal Kulkarni practicing alankar on SWAR_option.wmv1.52 MB
Komal Kulkarni practicing alankar on TANPURA_option.wmv1.97 MB